Star Wars The Last Hope

This is something that needs to be said. Not just something to say because I want to jump on the bandwagon of people hating on the film, no. This is something that I have attempted to put off for many weeks now.

The Last Jedi, is not a good film.

As the lights in the cinema turned on and the credits rolled, my girlfriend of ten years turned to me with a smile on her face and asked me what I thought. My body was numb and my mouth dry from popcorn.


Love and Star Wars

Love and Star Wars

Way back in April of 2014, I uploaded a blog titled, A Sad Time In A Galaxy Far Far Away… in which I discussed my feelings toward Lucasfilm changing all extended universe stories to non-canon/legacy status. When writing the blog, I was furious with the decisions made by Lucasfilm, but at the same time I could understood why the choice was made. I’ve left a link above so you can go back and read it, but needless to say, I wasn’t impressed.


A sad time in a galaxy far far away….

It is a sad sad time in a galaxy far far away…


Ever since Disney purchased the rights to LucasFilm (Star Wars and Indiana Jones), I’ve been a little bit worried about all the news and actions that have taken place. First of all we have The Clone Wars ripped away from us all. One of the best animated shows ever to be created was cancelled before it could end on its own. Then we find out Star Wars 1313 was cancelled midway through development. A Star Wars Darth Maul game also gone (concept art below). Truly a sad time for any Star Wars fan. Especially considering a few recent bits that have come to my attention recently.