Just a dream (7)

I woke up from this crazy dream the other night and while brushing my teeth and driving to work, it got me thinking about what it all meant. You know how people say if you dream about falling, it’s because you have no control in your life. Or if someone dies in a dream, it means some sort of luck for that person. Look, I honestly have no idea behind the meanings of dreams or anything like that. All I really know is sometimes you have good dreams like being able to fly like Superman, and other times you’re stuck in an endless loop of serving bad customers and the store you work at just won’t close and you’re constantly trying to get everyone out, but they just keep on walking in!


Blog Update 010 – Dreams and Nightmares

Why do we dream? And when does a dream become a nightmare?

I’m seriously asking that question because for the past few nights, all my dreams have turned into nightmares with ridicules plots that makes no sense. However the dream I’ll detail below, well that seems to be the only one lately that hasn’t been crazy.