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Since beginning my James Bond film Reviews and Ultimate lists, I’ve noticed it has become increasingly hard to find each post amongst all the other posts. So from now on, each and every review and list will be linked down below for super easy navigation. Should make it simple for everyone to find what they’re looking for, and painless to share on your form of social media. I will make sure to keep each link updated on a monthly basis and all you need to do is continue to enjoy.
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James Bond – Dr. No (1962) REVIEW

Dr. No (1962) REVIEW
Directed by Terence Young
Produced by Harry Saltzman & Albert R. Broccoli
Screenplay by Richard Maibaum, Johanna Harwood & Berkely Mather
Based on Dr. No by Ian Fleming
Starring Sean Connery, Ursula Andress, Joseph Wiseman, Jack Lord, John Kitzmiller & Anthony Dawson
Music by Monty Norman

As you will soon read, this is going to be a slightly different type of review. I had thought about writing a very traditional type, but in the end, I decided that how this review is written will be how I review all James Bond films from here on out. I understand this style won’t suit everyone, but I feel it will allow me to fully express my thoughts on each film while also discussing the usual criteria which goes into a review.

Bob Simmons as James Bond in place of Sean Connery

Bob Simmons as James Bond in place of Sean Connery

People have often told me that the James Bond series didn’t find its rhythm until, Goldfinger, but when you watch Dr. No, the very first James Bond movie, you realise the filmmakers got the formula just right. One of the most famous characters of all time, James Bond has been active in cinema for over 50 years. First released in 1962, only a few years after the series of novels by, Ian Fleming, Dr. No introduced the movie going audience to British secret agent 007. 30-year-old Sean Connery (maybe 31) was cast in the lead of James Bond, and from that moment on it was history in the making.

When I decided to watch and review every (official) James Bond movie from Dr. No to Skyfall, I had no idea how much of a challenge it would prove to be. Over the month of July, I’ve watched Dr. No a total of seven times as of writing this review, each time learning something new about the film. I guess after that many viewings, you would expect one to get slightly bored of the same film, and that could be true for many, but not me.