Just a dream (7)

I woke up from this crazy dream the other night and while brushing my teeth and driving to work, it got me thinking about what it all meant. You know how people say if you dream about falling, it’s because you have no control in your life. Or if someone dies in a dream, it means some sort of luck for that person. Look, I honestly have no idea behind the meanings of dreams or anything like that. All I really know is sometimes you have good dreams like being able to fly like Superman, and other times you’re stuck in an endless loop of serving bad customers and the store you work at just won’t close and you’re constantly trying to get everyone out, but they just keep on walking in!

Anyway, I had this dream where I was in a hospital room looking at a guy in a coma and the only thing keeping him alive were the beeping machines in the corner. Doctors and nurses were coming in and out of the room pricking him with needles and they just kept breaking and walking off. And then it occurred to me, he’s a superhero.

I know it’s crazy, but hear me out. The guy was a superhero and he was probably working an office job. Maybe he never knew he had superpowers. This guy was in his mid 40s and could die at any moment, and he was special. Potentially he had enough power to stop a train, but he here laid, in a coma one plug away from death.

Then it got me thinking about something. If superheroes were real, there would have to be supervillains too. Naturally there is good and bad, so if there are good people with superpowers, the bad would also come along. But then if people did have powers and it was a totally random thing, so say, one in a million were gifted and the powers activated at random times, what if a mid 20s woman suddenly developed powers? I’m thinking she’s spent her entire education working up to being a teacher, and then she wakes up one morning and can fly. How would that change her life?

First of all, she’d probably be saving on car bills. But who fast can she fly? She could fly at walking pace, or she may be able to move at the speed of a bullet. But what if she suddenly stopped in midair, would her skeleton crush her organs from the sudden impact? Almost as if being hit from a speed truck, except just her internal organs.

Let’s say this mid 20s woman decided to try flying outside, but suddenly realised she’s too high and can’t lower herself, and she just continues to float higher and higher. She starts getting colder and colder and the air gets thinner. Soon the woman is freezing cold and can’t breathe and now, she’s a lifeless body falling back down towards the Earth…or is she floating up eventually in orbit around the Earth like a piece of space junk?

Crazy, right? Imagine if she managed to control her flying and just goes about her normal life, teaching kids at school? So she can fly, but how does that help her? She could watch games from the top of a stadium, or she can fly in and out of the airport and watch planes take off and land. How about travelling all over the world without a plane ticket? Whatever it may be, she’s still needs a job and money doesn’t she? On top of that, does it make her a superhero or a villain?

Because everything in those possible scenarios is breaking the law.

Watching a game for free is illegal unless you buy a ticket to get into the stadium. Travelling without a plane ticket and by proxy, a passport, is also illegal. And worst of all, imagine she’s just plane watching a little closer than your average person, and manages to cause panic and then eventually an accident? Now there is mass destruction and the media claims a terrorist attack and the big guns get involved. So she’s a villain in comic book terms now and that requires a need to take her down.

Now start thinking about the things that only occur in comics or science fiction. What if the government sees her flying? At first the footage of a woman flying would be on YouTube or social media and flagged as a hoax. Or thought of as some sort of PR for a new comic book movie. After a while though it would gain traction and appear on the news as one of those hoax stories, usually with the X-Files theme playing, having a joke about it until eventually the mid 20s woman slips up and talks about it.

Words gets around and people know her name. Now the media is aware and the government would want to know how and why. Is she an alien or something else? Maybe she’s sick or maybe there is a genetic reason? So she’s taken down and experimented on. Blood samples taken, maybe they force her to fall pregnant and give birth in the hopes this ‘genetic disorder’ is passed to her offspring?

See how crazy this type of thing could be?

Now take a look at yourself, you’re probably sitting down reading this on a phone, tablet or even a computer. But how do you know you don’t have powers? What if you could breathe underwater? I mean how would you know you can’t unless you give it a try. You could be that one person in a million, and all you have to do is attempt it. Sure, you’re lungs could fill with water and you’d drown, or you could take a deep breath, and have powers.

Honestly, if you’ve never tried to fly, how do you know you can’t? We’ve all at one point or another wished we could use the force to grab a remote which is just out of arms reach. But maybe there is someone in the world that can, and they’ve just brushed it off as their mind playing tricks and the remote was actually within reach…but maybe it wasn’t.

It’s fun to think sometimes, and even better when you can get another post out of it. All this from a dream about a superhero in a coma and him just living a normal life. Did he live a normal life with powers because he was afraid to deal with these potential problems? Or was he living a normal life because he didn’t realise he had abilties? Maybe the powers kicked in while he was in the coma, and now, they can’t operate on him because his skin is impenetrable?

This is my mind, welcome to it.

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