Feb 1st 2019 (1)

This is not a diary, or a journal or a blog. It is me trying something new by attempting to upload every single day for as long as I possibly can. Think of it like a game. I’ll post as frequently as I can, counting each upload, and then when I miss a day, the counter resets to zero. I then start again. Simple!

Everything about this will go against my usual flow of posting. It will not be highly edited, or have anything fancy involved. It will not effect my OCD or have me sitting on an upload for months before scrapping it entirely (long story). It will simply be, me sticking to a schedule and uploading daily. That’s it!

Might it have a few things down the line that contain more substance? Of course, but until then just sit back and read along. Or don’t.

For now though, I just wanted to wish everyone that reads this a wonderful New Year…and by that, you can see how long I was holding off before starting this.

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