Fitness Blog 005

Fitness Blog 005
For the past three months I have been going to gym religiously. 6 days a week I rise from my slumber at 2:30am, freshen up and head to the gym where I would proceed to work up a sweat for the next hour. Drive back home, go through my usual morning routine and head to work. By 5pm I’m back home having a small meal for dinner and then shower, jump in bed and a sleep by 7:30pm. For the past three months. Saturdays and Sundays differ slightly and the one day during the week I had off.

Barring a few times I’ve been a little under the weather, this 6 day average workout as continued since joining the gym in mid July 2016. However a few weeks ago, I decided to just stop.

Now just a moment. Before I go any further, remember I’m a very overweight guy. I’m managed to lose 27kgs (59lbs) through hard work and determination. I’ve eaten correctly and sacrificed nights to head to gym early. I’ve cut out soft drinks for over 13 months now and only have junk food once a month. My cheat meal. I have done so much good for myself, yet for the past three months since joining the gym, that has resulted in a total weight loss of 1kg (2.2lbs). Mind you, that was in the first week of joining.

I’ll post some of my usual four day workout routine at the gym. It may not be much, but you can see how cardio began to take a dive in favour of all those ‘gains’. You will also notice it manages to work up a fairly good burn. However I appear to have gained a little too much muscle.

4 day workout at the gym

4 day workout at the gym

The big fear for any overweight person is ‘what will happen to all the loose skin once I’ve lost weight?’ Well it seems that without fantastic genetics, or surgery, you’ll be left with flappy skin all over the place. To combat that, I attempted to increase my muscles so the loose skin appearance wouldn’t be as noticeable. That was a major stuff up on my behalf because all I’ve managed to do was ruin my actual goal, lose weight.

About three weeks ago I was pretty sick. Light headed, body aches and pains and generally, not feeling good. I took a break from the gym for about 5 days but kept up my cardio game by going for hour-long walks. Like the beginning of the year. I felt better, the weather was fresh and sunny and I wasn’t feeling the pressure of working out. As I began to recover, I went back to gym, but by the second week, I was going only 3 days and doing my long walks on the off days.

As this week has kicked in, gym for me has become an after thought. My long walks make me feel better and breathe in fresh air. It cools me down and the non-repetitive trip makes the hour feel like nothing. On the times when I’ve actually gone to the gym, I’ve been jogging for about 22 minutes with an average speed of 7.2km/h (. Now this is pretty good, but again, it means I wake up early and miss out on nights. Plus my sleep has been even worse than ever before.

So the question, why don’t I go to gym in the evenings? First of all, I’m still very self-conscious about my weight. This is not a simple thing of blocking out how people think of you. At times, my anxiety kicks in and I simply don’t want to have people looking at me. Forgive me, I’m only human. The next reason is, the place is packed, and by the time it begins to calm down, it’s too late in the night and by the time I come home and shower and jump in bed, I’m still buzzing from a good work out. So this would result in an unintentional late night and less sleep.

So now I’m changing everything again. I like jogging. A quick 30 minute jog does wonders for my body and health. I work up an excellent sweat and feel great afterwards. And I don’t need to worry about a free treadmill to do it. Just head outside my house and go. At anytime. Which is what I’m going to start doing again. Long walks and jogs.

Another four day routine. This time I've upped the weights.

Another four day routine. This time, I increased the weights.

My cousin only recently had a baby and wants to get back in shape, so she and I are going for long walks three times a week. It’s great to have company and exercise together. Weekends when my girlfriend is over will be us going to the gym in the mornings. Good hour and a bit work outs and means I won’t get sick of the same environment.

I’ll still be going to gym on other days, but I just want to find my groove. And the most important thing is making sure I work out. Daily. I’ve been maintaining for the past three months, but coming into summer, I want to lose weight.

Maybe joining the gym was the wrong decision at the right time. By that I mean it was winter, raining and cold most evenings and I couldn’t go for jogs or walks. So the gym was my next best option. If I had waited, I would’ve been $15 a week better off and continuing to lose weight. However I rushed in and joined. I don’t regret it, but I know I won’t be going as often, and I’ll be the first to say it, there is nothing wrong with that.

There are times when I wake at 1am. I’m wide awake and have zero chance of falling asleep. Well now I can head to the gym. I’m sure as my body changes and I feel better about myself, I won’t care about others, and I’ll be at the gym more often, and that’s why I’m glad I have the membership. Those early morning workouts do wonders for the mind and body throughout the day. However I can’t help but feel I’m cutting my days short by waking up so early. So until I can get in a workout, and have a good night watching films, reading or playing games…gym needs to be a part of my life, not my whole life.

I guess to end it all, I’m just sick of not enjoying myself at the moment. I’m so focused on losing weight I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed a film or game. I hardly ever blog any more and LEGO building has been a weekend only activity. I don’t like where I’m going with myself.

As I said though, long walks and jogging will continue, as will the fitness blogs and regular updates.

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