Fitness Blog 004

Fitness Blog 004
So, I joined a gym. Finally got off my arse, threw out all the nerves and anxiety and just walked up to the Anytime Fitness near my house, and directly into the door. Okay, so there I was just after 10am Saturday morning. It was cold outside and also happened to be the long weekend in Australia.

Anytime Fitness is 24/7 access for members, but only open during staffed hours to off the street access. Turns out the long weekend meant it was unstaffed and my plan of working out that weekend was completely ruined. So tail between my legs, I walked back home to try another day. Had to wait a few days, but straight after work, I stepped back into the gym all nervous again and waited patiently until a staff member greeted me.

An hour later I was a member of Anytime Fitness. It was surprisingly refreshing being able to communicate with them about my goals and reasons for joining, and not being judged at all. I always had the notion that stepping into a gym would mean every single person would stop immediately and stare at you. An overweight person like myself thinks like that, but it wasn’t the case at all.

Everyone, and I do mean everyone, was polite and had a good friendly personality. That even extends to the other members of the gym. I was introduced to a few, and all seemed happy for me to ask advice and no one had an attitude.

It made me feel very welcomed and pleased with my decision to join. Even though I’m still nervous about working out in front of others, my confidence rose from just walking in there.

That was a week ago. And since then I’ve been to the gym every morning bad Sunday, which I’ve used as my day off. I’ve always been a light sleeper, so waking at 2:30am and heading off to the gym to jump on the exercise bike doesn’t bother me.

Actually I’ve found that working out for 50 minutes in the morning before work does wonders for me. First of all my sleep pattern have been better. Maybe it’s the long days, been by the time it hits 8pm, I’m in bed very tired. I’m still eating the same but have increased my protein intake ever so slightly. As I’ve said previously, I’m focusing on cardio only for now. When I lose more, I’ll move into a mix of cardio and weight training.

For those wondering, like I was, the gym at 3am in the morning is not full of life, but being a 24/7 gym, I’m always seeing the same people. At that time of the morning, we keep to ourselves with the occasional acknowledgment when entering, but for the most part its walk in and get going. Which I like.

I’m there because it’s currently winter in Australia, and my motivation has gone out the door. Paying $15 a week for 24/7 gym access is perfect and it has kept me motivated because I’m seeing better results. The weight is still coming off and I’m feeling much better about myself.

Like always, the thought of working out in front of others still gets me, but as I lose more weight, I’m hoping I won’t feel so self-conscious.

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