LEGO JURASSIC WORLD: Pteranodon Capture 75915 REVIEW


LEGO JURASSIC WORLD: Pteranodon Capture 75915
Set number 75915, $30 from Big W at roughly .17 cents a brick.

Items Included:
174 pieces
3 mini figures
1 instruction booklets
2 numbered bags
1 page of stickers

Like always, let’s kick this off by mentioning the above information. Not everyone cares, but for those that do, it can make a big difference. Click on all images for HD quality.

Mini Figures
I’m a little confused here. What is the correct term for a LEGO Dinosaur figure?

Just fooling around

Just trying to…wing it

In this Pteranodon Capture build, we get three mini figures, a Dinosaur the Pteranodon in question, Simon Masrani and ACU. Since the film is still a few weeks off at the time of writing this review, my knowledge of these character is purely based on the LEGO sets and their appearance here.

By the way, I’m calling the Dinosaur a mini figure.

The Pteranodon is a flying creature and made of 5 special LEGO bricks, most of which come in their own plastic bags. The two large wins connect to the body via standard clip pieces allowing for some basic movement. The head and jaw pieces are both separate too. What I really like about this is the fact you can have the beak of the Dinosaur open or close depending on your liking, which means a mini figure can be stored inside. It’s something silly, but looks funny.

Looks great, but really wish LEGO thought to include a few clear bricks to give the appearance of flight

Looks great, but really wish LEGO thought to include a few clear bricks to give the appearance of flight

The feet are designed like mini figure hands so they can hold a few basic items. The design and colour choice is excellent with a few stud pieces on the back allowing for added pieces if you choose. The reddish-brown used gives off a leathery look to the figure resembling the typical look of a flying Dinosaur.

My complaints with the figure do fall on the lack of pieces involved, and the very strange mouth feature. Only the upper head-piece is on a clip which fits perfectly with no apparent issues after plenty use. My major issue comes down to the jaw piece itself. You see it doesn’t use a clip, but instead is connected via a rubber piece. It wedges into the body and just sits there. The apparent head movement is only because the upper piece moves. The jaw never sits right and I’m always finding myself pushing it back into place. Even when closed, the two pieces never line up properly often sitting just off the norm.

The lower jaw sits just off centre and its enough to really bug me

The lower jaw sits just off centre and its enough to really bug me

It bugs me because all could be resoled if LEGO simply decided to use two clip pieces rather than a single plus rubber wedge. Also would’ve loved some more body movement to allow some different display choices. These little things get to me.

Next on the list is Simon Masrani. With no accessories to speak of, he simply pilots the helicopter, yet wears a business suit. So he really must be of some importance. Really need to watch the film.

The body pieces are great with a very well designed grey business suit. A three-piece suit consisting of a pink shirt and grey vest with an open suit jacket on top. So many little details but everything is clean and very well-defined. The printing runs down to the pants also and makes for a well thought-out mini figure. The head-piece is finished off with two expression one of shock and the other a smile and spiky hair completes the look. I like the facial stubble too. Looks good.

Front view of the mini figures. You can see all the detail on both

Front view of the mini figures. You can see all the detail on both

I enjoy the look of the figure, find the suit really stands out from the entire LEGO build. And completely worth mentioning that on the back of the body piece is the Jurassic Park logo. It just looks brilliant.

Back view shows off even more detail and Jurassic World logo

Back view shows off even more detail and Jurassic World logo

Lastly we have the ACU officer. Obviously here to capture and control the Dinosaur and dressed for the occasion. Also happens to be one of the best mini figures in recent years. He comes packing so much too. Firstly we have the basic look of the ACU. Dark grey pants with belt buckle printing on the legs. The body is dark blue, but thanks to a nifty vest piece, the whole mini figure comes to life. The vest itself is made from a separate mould meaning that all pouches and definition are part of the vest and not just printing. The head-piece only comes with a single expression, one of shock. The helmet and visor complete the look, but strangely the visor piece never shuts. Ever. Try it and the piece will fall off. No idea why.

The attention to detail carries over into accessories. A gun is included and green syringe too. Because the gun has a clip on it, the syringe is able to clip onto it and turns it into a tranquilizer gun. Very smart because you can either use them together or separate.

Again, LEGO really have provided some very smart-looking mini figures in this build and both differ from each other and look great.

I mentioned before, just put one of these mini figures in the mouth of the Pteranodon.


Main Build
What I really like about smaller vehicle builds like this is the fact that LEGO usually goes all out on it. I feel like that is mostly the case here. The helicopter is the build. I’ve heard some argue the dinosaur is part of the main build, but as you’ve already read, I consider it a part of the mini figures, so I’m sorry to disappoint.

Made up of only two bags (becoming the norm in recent years with LEGO of this price), the helicopter is one very solid build. In the past, I’ve had the pleasure of owning a few different helicopter builds and none of them compare to this. From the excellent use of blue bricks to make the vehicle pop out, to the very subtle use of white along the side of the body, this Jurassic World helicopter is one I really hope LEGO continues to use for years as the standard.

All the curved and angled bricks being used really help in the look of the body giving a really sleek design to the build. The main body (behind the cockpit) is large enough to store the ACU mini figure laying flat (possibly sitting), but small enough to not appear out-of-place with the rest of the helicopter. The large rotor on the top spins with ease and doesn’t easily break apart, so let the kids go crazy. The rear tail section, although a little bare, is still really well designed and connected without fear of snapping off. Again, with these being toys(?) primarily, not needing to put them back together after playing with them is always a plus.

Cockpit interior

Cockpit interior

The cockpit is enough of hold one mini figure and has two controls sticks. I always find this awkward for some reason because I can never get the mini figures to hold them right. A small piece is used for the control panel, which is printing and not sticker. The figure locks in place, but takes a little force to do so, don’t worry though, the helicopter won’t break apart. To finish, the cockpit window panel is completely clear and angled. It has a hinge at the top to open forms to the shape of the helicopter. The whole design choice impresses me.

I just love how it all looks and can’t believe the blue and white bricks all work so well together. For play features, we have two weapons built into the helicopter. On one side is the net launcher which in theory is good, but in practice, it all just look slightly out-of-place. Don’t get me wrong, it fits well up against the side of the helicopter and rests on a fully rotating piece to allow for complete movement, and the firing aspect works well enough, but its the fact it isn’t subtle about it. The net used is bulky but you fold it up and push it into the gun. Problem is, the firing piece, just hangs out of the back.

The net sticks out of the launcher and the firing pin at the back hangs out way too much

The net sticks out of the launcher and the firing pin at the back hangs out way too much

Usually LEGO is able to hide the firing piece into the build, but here with the helicopter, it just hangs out the back. It is completely out of the place and is only hidden when pressed all the way in. Problem is, this means the net has been fired. It can’t think of a way to fix this other than rebuilding the helicopter and putting the net gun under the belly. This would of course require more bricks and more thought than I care to provide. When the net is in the launcher, the net just kind of…hangs out there. You can try as much as possible to press it in, but it will always show. No matter what.

The door opens to reveal the seat and stud firing gun

The door opens to reveal the seat and stud firing gun

On the other side of the net gun is one of the stand out playable features. Unlike the large net launcher (which can’t be hidden), is the stud firing gun attached to the door of the helicopter. What makes me really happy is the fact the door rests on a hinge which allows it to close itself up into the helicopter. With the gun folded down, the door closes against the helicopter and hidden from view. Best of all, it is large enough that when opened, a mini figure can comfortably sit on top and fire his own weapon.

Everything about this feature is whats wrong with the net launcher. It’s small, and hides away inside the body. It houses a mini figure when needed, and everything matches the design choice of the rest of the build. All these great features and the net launcher doesn’t do any of those.

Stickers are used here to add the Jurassic World logo onto the side of the helicopter and the rear fin. They can always be a little annoying but for some reason they felt well used here. Just make sure to line them up, or else you’ll notice them even more against the blue bricks they sit on.

I may not like the net launcher, but the net still works well

I may not like the net launcher, but the net still works well

Final Thoughts
At the end of it all, it’s easy to say pick this set up. The Dinosaur is a fantastic figure with a few tiny problems. The mini figures themselves look great and the helicopter is one of the best in recent years. Yet the asking price of .17 cents per brick is a little expensive, even for a licensed set. The net launcher still looks a little out-of-place and the net bugs me, but I still can’t help but really like the build. A lot.

Entire build on display

Entire build on display

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