Ultimate James Bond List – The Man With The Golden Gun (1974)

The Ultimate James Bond List – The Man With The Golden Gun (1974)

Roger Moore’s second outing as James Bond 007, and the varied list continues to grow. Read my thoughts on The Man With The Golden Gun, and follow along at home. Now grab those tuxedos and mix up a martini, its time to see just how Moore handles himself as 007.

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007 – Each time the Bond theme song is heard.
1. Opening gun barrel sequence
2. When arriving in Macau via bike taxi
3. “So speak, or forever hold your peace.” faintly heard
4. Just before 007 checks his tie in the camera, briefly heard.
5. As Bond crosses the road outside the Bottoms Up Club
6. While climbing the wall of Hai Fat’s house
7. Arriving at Hai Fat’s house for the second
8. After successfully escaping Hai Fat’s karate men
9. Searching for Goodnight on the street with Hip
10. Just before preforming the corkscrew jump
11. “Let’s get him, boy.”
12. While in Scaramanga’s funhouse
13. faintly heard while trying to remove the Solex device

You Know My Name – Bond, James Bond count. When it is said by Bond himself.
1. Posing as Scaramanga he mentions Bond

Felix Leiter –  If James Bond smokes on screen.
1. In the Beirut club
2. Outside the wall of Hai Fat’s house
3. “Your time will come, I promise.”

Nobody Does It Better – Whenever Bond beds a woman, implied of course.
1. Andrea Anders in his hotel room
2. Mary Goodnight onboard Scaramanga’s Chinese Junk

Shaken, Not Stirred – All alcoholic beverages Bond consumes.
1. Unknown alcoholic beverage at the club in Beirut (held, not consumed)
2. Unknown champagne, possibly Dom Perigean (held, not consumed)
3. Phuyuck while at dinner with Goodnight
4. Unknown wine at lunch with Scaramanga

Licence To Kill – Every kill caused by Bond himself directly.
1. Shooting Scaramanga in the heart

Aston Martin DB5 – Any and all modes of transport Bond travels by.
1. Taxi to pharmacy
2. Bike taxi to see Lazar
3. Flying Sandpiper ship to Hong Kong
4. Goodnight’s car to the Peninsula Hotel
5. Hip’s car to the boat
6. Boat to Queen Elizabeth
7. Hip’s car from Hai Fat’s house
8. Hip’s car back to Hai Fat’s house
9. Long tail boat escaping Hai Fat’s karate school
10. AMC Hornet through Bangkok chasing Scaramanga
11. Small seaplane to Scaramanga’s Island
12. Scaramanga’s Chinese Junk (Boat)

I Never Joke About My Work – Any gadget Bond uses in the field provided by Q branch.
1. The third nipple while fooling Hai Fat

I Have A Dinner Jacket – Whenever Bond wears a tuxedo.
1. Posing as Scaramanga in a white Tuxedo

For Queen and Country – All locations visited by 007
1. London, England
2. Beirut, Lebanon
3. Macau, China
4. Hong Kong, China
5. Bangkok, Thailand

Yes, I Know, Don’t Tell Me – Any chase 007 finds himself involved in.
1. Hai Fat’s Karate school ninja’s chasing Bond on foot and boat
2. Bond chasing Scaramanga through Bangkok via car

Ninja TrainingAny team vs team shoot out with each team being greater than 10 members.


James Bond will return in The Spy Who Loved Me

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