Still Here

Usually I try and get a LEGO up every Sunday evening, but this week I’ve decided to take a little breather. You see, the LEGO movie is out in Australia in a few days. And I’ve made the decision not to watch any downloaded copies offered to me. I’m one of those people who actually loves the cinema experience and don’t like my movie watching fun ruined by a pirated copy.

So what I’m trying to say is, I’m still here. Hopefully I can have a review of Captain America The Winter Soldier and LEGO Movie up this weekend. I’ll just see how it all goes.

Also don’t think this is only going to be a LEGO review blog. I do intend to review tech and movies. And let’s not forget games. So many games. Since purchasing my PS4 a few months back, I’ve played some good, some bad and some utterly boring games. Not all on PS4 either.

Another review I’d love to begin publishing are comic reviews. You see, I read a few comics weekly and would love to bring my thoughts here, but a lot goes into a comic review. Most important of all is the fact I have to explain the backstory of the current comic storyline. Tough.

Either way, I’ll be bringing more and more as times go on. Like always, leave a comment with anything you’d like to say.

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